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Vegetable Seedling Production In Protrays

Vegetable seedling production has become a commercial venture all over the world. This method provides healthy and uniform crop stand. This is very useful especially for hybrids and other costly seeds. It also offers tremendous scope for self employment.

Advantages of protray seedlings:

Saves expensive seeds; Proper germination ; Minimum seedling mortally; Uniform healthy growth of seedling; Easy handling and economy in transporation; Minimum root damage; No shading necessary at transplanting time; Ensures better and uniform field establishment.

Steps in protray seedling production:

Use 98 celled portrays; Fill the trays with sowing media such as coco peat or potting mixture; Sow one seed per tray to 1cm depth; Keep 10-15 trays one over the other until germination; Later keep them singly over plastic mulched beds under protected structure; Sprinkle water every day; Apply 0.3% nutrient solution twice at 10 and 20 days after germination; Follow plant protection as required.

Protray seedling production

Small scale
Commercial scale

Now protray technique has been completely mechanized and automated using rotary dibbler cum vacuum seeder.