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Genuine Kasthuri Turmeric – Techniques to establish genuineness

Kasthuri Turmeric (Curcuma aromatica) is known for its medicinal, aromatic and cosmetic properties from time immemorial. In 1970s’ it was grown in roughly 6000 hectares in India. Over a period of time, the area has dwindled drastically to a stage today where the species itself has become endangered. The reason is the dumping of a cheap, duplicate or fake genotype called Manja Koova or Zedoary (Curcuma zedoaria) in the market through unethical and unscrupulous involvement of middle men and vendors. Exhaustive research at Kerala Agri. University, Agricultural College Campus at Vellayani, developed simple but accurate methods to identify the true Kasthuri Turmeric from the fake/duplicate one. Electron microscopy and DNA finger printing were made use for the study. What you get is genuine Kasthuri Turmeric or not, can be ascertained simply by observing the following visual, morphological, anatomical and aromatical characters.

Visual observation – Kasthuri Turmeric leaves are attractive green, where as Manja Koova (Zedoary) has dark violet characteristic Mid rib, from base to the tip of the leaf.

Touch observation – when the under surface of the Kasthuri Turmeric leaves are touched with fingers and moved gently, a cushion or velvety like feeling is experienced. In Manja Koova (Zedoary) it is not cushion like or velvety.

Colour of rhizome – Rhizome cross section of Kasthuri Turmeric is light cream coloured similar to that of Ginger or Mango–Ginger while it is yellowish in Zedoary.

Smell while crushing rhizomes – While we crush/break Kasthuri Turmeric rhizomes, a characteristic camphoraceous smell is released. The freshly prepared powder also has an enjoyable and pleasant smell.
These two qualities are lacking in the case of Zedoary or Manja Koova.

Colour of processed powder – Kasthuri Turmeric powder is wheat bran coloured while Zedoary powder is light to medium yellowish.

‘HorticoGreens’ is committed to popularize genuine Kasthuri Turmeric throughout India and we will make available both planting material as well as ready to use Kasthuri Turmeric powder for sale, direct / online, from February 2020 onwards. Please contact us to know more..

kasthuri leaf
Kasthuri Turmeric & Zedoary
Kasthuri Turmeric & Zedoary
Kasthuri Turmeric & Zedoary