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A Kitchen Garden for your Home

A Kitchen Garden in your own home ! Dishes made from home grown vegetables in your dining table !! Freedom from chemically treated vegetables and fruits bought from markets !!!

Just two cents is what is required for setting up a kitchen garden for a family of four. It is possible in almost every home !! Every inch of available space in your home can be effectively utilized. Exclusive area provided for growing certain perennials and small fruit trees would provide you with nutritive fruits.

If the area is limited, vegetables can be grown on terraces in grow bags, gunny bags, pots, trays etc. Systematic and scientific crop rotation would ensure continuous supply of vegetables and fruits for the family all the year round.

A biogas plant set up to use organic waste from kitchen garden and food waste will facilitate effective waste management and will be a source of rich organic manure. Free cooking gas is a bonus too.

Kitchen Garden is a viable alternative and do make it happen. ‘HorticoGreens’ can support and guide you to realise the dream. We are just a call away !.

Safe Vegetables and Fruits in our diet; is it a mirage ?

No doubt, these days everyone is worried about the dangers in consuming chemically contaminated Vegetables and Fruits. Devoid of a solution or clue, many amongst us, are forced to live with it. The big question is, should we accept failure and feel helpless? Can’t we take it up as a challenge and address this serious issue? Are you willing to spare some time and effort? If so, indeed there is a solution. Start growing vegetables and fruits in your own front-yard/back-yard. The effort is worth taking. The activity is not only healthy but also an excellent recreational outlet for the whole family, in addition to saving money.

Hence, “ Say a big ‘NO’ to contaminated Vegetables and Fruits”. Constraints may arise for realizing this ambition. But we can support and guide you in this noble venture. Why then are you waiting for ? Contact ‘HorticoGreens’ and help / assistance is just a call away !

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