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Barren Lands – Convert to profitable Coconut Gardens

There are many who hold large tract of barren lands lying idle. This is due to factors like non availability of skilled and sincere labourers, high labour wages, poor price for the produce, poor marketing facilities, absence of value addition, product diversification and non-adoption of by-product utilization. The landlords / farmers are in great dilemma / impasse which ultimately force them to keep their valuable land as barren.

Given a choice and if they are convinced about its feasibility they would go for viable alternatives. Any crop which gives reasonably good yield and earnings with lower recurring cost and minimum requirement of labour would be an ideal choice in the given circumstances. Undertaking coconut cultivation is one such alternative. Now, the price of coconuts and coconut oil is fairly good. Growing tall coconut palms for its nuts, copra and for oil is lucrative. Growing dwarf coconut palms for tender coconuts is a far more attractive option as tender coconuts are in great demand and fetch premium price. Dwarf varieties like ‘Gouri Gathram’ or ‘Chenthengu’ is early bearing, provide aesthetic beauty and can accommodate more number of trees ie., 277 per ha compared to 173 per ha of tall varieties. As the tender coconut is harvested 7 month maturity onwards, the nutrient withdrawal is comparatively limited, compared to 12 month maturity. In turn this helps in increasing the yield per tree and provide higher earnings. Coconut gardens laid out aesthetically and established economically as aforesaid is therefore a feasible option. One can go for either of the above options as per their choice. ‘HorticoGreens’ can handhold you in this task of establishing coconut plantations.

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